About us

Francesca Flore is an engineer passionate about the world of robotics, with a creative streak for drawing and a strong sensitivity to environmental issues.
In 2020, driven by the desire to create a business, she decided to found her own brand of fashion accessories and decorations.


Replace conventional production methods in the fashion industry by introducing 3D printing.

Transmitting the amazement that nature causes us, with its many shapes and colors. Being able to feel more in contact with the Earth by wearing it, hence our motto #FilledWithNature

Being involved in the defense of the environment. We created our brand only after encountering a material that was derived from natural, biodegradable and recyclable raw materials. Also the creation and production process is designed not to generate residues.

Be Filled With Nature

Choose a responsible purchase and #FilledWithNature!


Be the protagonist of change and drive you towards a more responsible consumption

Create something beautiful for yourself and that is good for the planet

Connect with your story, that’s why we accept custom orders if they are #FilledWithNature

Contribute to reducing waste, that’s why the packaging that we use to send you my creations is
100% recycled and recyclable

Give back to the earth a part of what it gives us, that is why with each of your purchases we are
planting a tree together

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